Board of Directors

Scheduled Meetings are Scheduled for every 1st Wednesday of the month.
Meetings start at 6:30 p

     2017 Executive Board
Position Name
President Daphney Cromie
Vice President Casey McClain 
Treasurer Kelly Dowe
Secretary Angela Barron
Football Trustee Jamy Barron
Cheer Trustee Shay McClain
Seargent At Arms
Shannon Shelton
2017 Board Members
Cheer Trustee Shay McClain
Assistant Cheer Trustee Angela Barron
Football Trustee Jamy Barron
Assistant Football Trustee
Assistant Treasurer
Kara Baker
Recording Secretary Open 
Concession Committee

James McAfee
Chad Dudzinski
Keisha Ragins
Daphney Cromie


Football Equipment Manager
Assistant Equipment Manager
Cheer Equipment Manager Kara Baker
Assistant Equipment Manager
Shawnette Drury
Fund Raiser Coordinator Susan McAfee
Press Box Announcer Brian Delp

Field Maintenance Coordinator James Wetherington
Assistant Field Maintenance
Media Director/ Website Rebecca Delp
Sponsorship Coordinator Susan McAfee
Souvenir Shack Manager Stephanie Clopton
Assis. Souvenir Shack Manager

Susan McAfee

Carla Dudzinski

Chain Crew Coordinator Chris Cromie